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It Finally happened

Well friends, here we are at the dawn of the next episode in beekeeping. It does my heart no good to share this insight, however forewarned forearmed. We have made the turn in our environment thanks to human toxicity were we can no longer keep bees without supplementation.  Of course there are a few locations still somewhat natural and vibrant, but they are not the majority and they certainly on the verge of collapse as well.

Okay, so what. The heck am I talking about? Everywhere you can look at our food supply you will see supplementation. We no longer breed cows naturally, everything is insemination. It is cheaper to buy supplements than to try to grow decent hay and corn for our bovines. Most of what I saw when I was in the business would horrify you. That's another tale for another day. Yet the reality is this is our super incredible latest and greatest vision for agriculture. Beekeepers were the last hold out. farmers are robbers, that's a given, most raise a crop and barely replenish the soil with much past the three kings potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen NPK. Beekeepers are poachers, we look for prime land for 1 purpose to provide forage for our bees. As this land becomes a bit more scarce and the action on the land changes from natural to artificial usage, hedge rows disappear, ground cover eliminated by round up, agrobacterium spreading its wicked sterility to all species including our bees, we are left with the fact, things aint what they used to be. That's just one slice of it.

the Sun's full radiation no longer penetrates the various density layers of the atmosphere due to hydro and fluorocarbon chains acting as filters. This is what is making our trees sick. WTF is being released in our commercial airline exhaust? a cocktail of aluminum, barium and sulphur. Nice stuff, guaranteed to ruin a magnetic field based life form such as honey bees, as  it makes finding the food harder for the bees.
Tired? Well hold one we got some stuff you never thought of ................ O2 levels dropping as we force feed our combustion engines. Near the ocean 30 yrs ago O2 was near 28 percent. Now it is lucky to be above 20. Inland your screwed beyond your wildest dreams. A precision welder in Ohio was telling me he has to maintain a minimum of 12 percent O2 to get his welds perfect. Last summer his alarms were going off almost everyday. He was a tad agitated when he realized it was the outside air lowering his O2 levels in his shop.  I never thought of this as a possibility, running out of oxygen?
Now here's a really fun one weather modification. look it up on google no less than 384 projects all occurring at the same time from over 180 countries. and no one is talking to each other. Particles, scalar waves, mirrors, ohhhhhh happy day.

Now, back on earth we have a huge problem with the frequencies being beamed, radiated, and transmitted and redirected. Forget global warming, forget co2, that's the slow death. We got an express train running here.  The Pandora's box knocked over with indigestible protein chains from genetically altered organism has brought a new mess into the mix. The mycotoxins avenger. The next round of spore born diseases will absolutely have no known way of treating them.
rant alert.............
I love when beekeeping traitors like jerry hayes and randi oliver monsatan shillers profess that theres no harm in this stuff and its not killing the bees. Okie you mental midgets please explain drone sterility. You two dipsticks are exactly whats wrong with the current state of affairs. you koolaid drinking someabitches deserve to have the brains beaten back into you.  jerry hayes such an upstanding individual, at a recent public event would only take pre written questions lol pick and choose as he doesn't really have the mental capacity to debate live. You schmuks have your pictures all over the monsatan website and the folks who believe you are in for a sad realization that you is full of it. I actually like randi, his work lately on nutrition is fantastic. His mite studies not so much but his shilling for monsatan is unacceptable.
Jerry your part of the problem not the solution save your soul while you can amigo.

Like it or not folks the usda and fda will start sampling honey in earnest this year trying to figure out a base level of antibiotics, amitraz, and other yummy day to day bee handling stuff.  watch how the big guys get a pass. don't be surprised if the little sideliners are left out of the negotiation just like the small road side vegetable stand is not allowed to compete with a large ag interest. Another fine example is our slaughter houses run by foreign companies who have a more lenient set of standards than my deer butcher. I'm pretty sure it will extend to queen rearing and nuc sales for the little guy. The big enchiladas will get all the salsa. Anyway, here in NY they are trying to do it with nucs currently, and I get this from the inside. I find it curious that our best honey land is pirated by out of state migratory ventures and the folks paying the land tax in NYS, sales tax in NYS,  etc are not given first choice. r
Reality it is our fault for not bitching when it started. Perhaps we should charge our out of state amigos a fee that we could use to pay for inspectors. Not being migratory, easy for me to rant. I will be really pizzeled if the day comes when someone shows up here from Florida or Georgia with their burnt out pollinators all freshly toxified and gets to sell nucs over us local non migratory guys. rant over................

So what I'm saying is this friends, the nutrition it takes to maintain a healthy colony is no longer available. Its over. So get out your thinking hat and do some research as to what its gonna take to keep your bees thriving, funny thing is a lot of you don't know the difference. You been warned, the rest is up to you, us not them, cause them don't care about your bees. I do, do you?


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