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The more I see the less I know

What a great cliche, good song too. And applicable to being with bees.
I think one of the greatest things about having bees in your life is there is no end to the mystery, the bucket list of things to try, do, or figure out.
The season is so short, I can understand why operations move to points south to overwinter the herd. You pick up another honey crop and double your herd.

To be in a position where you can have enough background in bee biology, physiology, and practical knowledge is without belaboring most important.
To be able to anticipate trends in the hive, food stores, etc can save you from lots of reaction time consuming fix its. Lord, please give me the eyes to see.
Reading the frames in your colonies is like a box of chocolates ( gumps book of beekeeping) you never know what ya gonna get. Every colony different, source of bees, type of bees, equipment, environment, management. Homogenizing equipment and bees makes things a little bit easier for anticipating their needs.

The stuff I think about generally has no answer. I mean whats the trigger for long life bee physiology. I understand why it happens but not how it happens. Neither do most people from my constant inquisition. This is an amazing thing that they do, completely switch off protein, in times of crisis, in the fall, queenless/broodless.
Did you ever leave a failed hive just to die out and found the thing still alive 8 wk later.

Who decides who is leaving with the swarm. Yes, I know the shake em up by the selection committee bees but how and why.

Why do my freshly mated virgins occasionally take over a different box than where they came from.
I never have seen two queens fight. I have put them on top covers to see if they would, hivOmania Q vs Q never happen. The hive decides that not the queens.

If pheromone amplitude is based on environmental cues through nutritive values in foraging, does our crazy weather affect the stability of the hives and to what extent. From what I've seen, our weather creates hive stress and lots of things can fall like dominoes.

I think seeing two queens in a hive is awesome. I would like to know why though. I mean just what is the limit in their thinking process and social instinct that some appear to have a far greater sense of their society than others. social intelligence for the greater good?

Seeing the swarm on a branch with their wings half out to provide a shingled roof effect to protect the inner core in the rain is amazing. Water just flowing over the cluster.

I have seen several hives swarm in a thunderstorm, any ideas? cognitively challenged?
Bees don't recognize you? really? sure as heck know my truck lol.

There is a lot we don't see. By listening and hearing what others have observed we can build a  mental Rolodex (pre-smartphone tool) of check-offs.

Hive organization, resource allocation, and placement, brood patterns all are opportunities to see the differences in each colony. What does this observation tell you about that colony? The species. The Equipment.

So, observation is looking at things, seeing is recognizing what you are looking at, the more you observe, the more you see stuff you never saw before, the more you realize you, oh great bee meisters, really don't know Jacqueline as well as you think. I know for myself the more I see the less I know, and the more interested I become.


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