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What is Geo Biology and how can it help bees

Geo Biology is a fringe science to academia. However it is one of the oldest known applications to agriculture and wellness in our human history.
The Shamans or Medicine people from days gone bye to currently where able to sense things about the land that were beneficial or detrimental for the tribe or clan or whatever the social organization was at the time. Nomadic or sedintery, small or large, all life, in the end, arises and returns to the Planet, and that has  systems in place, and rules that must be observed, to do otherwise is pure folly.
Gaia, Earth, home planet whatever you call it, is our provider, and if need be our destroyer. The ancient myths, the readers of the akasha, psychics all agree this is not the first go around here for humans. Even the Bible tells us that things got so out of hand at one point the Lord had to wash it clean. Hyperborea, Atlantis, to name two ancient civililaztions, are the focus of much pondering in new age and fringe archeology. The Hindus claim we are at the beginning of the sixth spinning of the wheel, a three hundrerd and tweny five thousand year cycle.  Thats a lot that I cannot explain in this passage, but the point is either we live within the system or we die.

The two greatest examples I have for manipulating the localized magnetic environment for the benefit of agriculture, are the great pyramids on the nile, and the stone towers of Ireland.  While I'm sure my theory on the pyramids is beyond the scope of this transmission, and I will spare you the details of that research for now, I prefer to concentrate on the how and why.
As our beloved blue ball evolves there are times of geological, magnetic, and extra terrestrial, events that can cause a great wobbling or erratic conditions. Changes in atmospheric or terrestrial magnetic fields severely disrupting the ability to procure sustanence for the inhabitants. Ice ages, methane extinctions, solar winters, climate change ( real not a derivitive scandal),  volcanic and other earthen shakes and quivers, taking years to recline back to a new normalacy. In as far the humans were concerned, this is where and when those who possesed some form of earth intuition were most needed and appreciated. This sense besides our gratitude, is the greatest loss as a species we have in the modern age. We could be living on a moon off of Saturn for all the earth sense most people have.  The sad truth is, just 100 plus years ago 95% of the population had their hands in the dirt. Everyone had a garden. Everyone knew how to prepare and store their needs and we had a rythem based on the season and our location. The wise ones knew the the secrets of the moon cycle, knew the harbingers of early winter or spring, seemed to have a second sence that was earth bound.

Geobiology, meaning biology based on geology and affected by geology. So lets examine the Geo aspect for a moment. As below, so above. The ground, the predominate minerals at the surface, along with the lattitude dictate the backdrop of the potential canvas of life forms. Steiner wrote about the interior of the Earth, and it is reccomended reading, and claimed there were layers below the surface right to the core. In dowsing we have something I call primordial water. This is pure water rising to the surface from the condensation process of molten core to cooler silica crust. This water is, to me is prized beyond all others for its properties. There are naturally occuring lines of magnetic force called Hartmann and Curry Lines. these lines are like an Alex Grey painting forming a grid at the surface that dowsers can measure and manipulate to some extent. There are under ground streams,lakes, waterfalls, rivers and geysers. Water formed or transitioning through the mineral belts will take on much of the mineral strata. heavy mineralized water can be beneficial and thus the healing spa invented. Hot springs, cold springs, water is on the move. It is a key aspect of the geological process besides volcanoes and wind.

 Water is central to life, thus to dowsing. Yet passed water are the forces we seek mitigation from such as the hartmann lines and lei lines. Again this is were our dowsing rods help us to find these lines and areas. More advanced people can find these lines and move them or block them or even add to them.  I would do this in large acreage farms where the energy was too hot or too slow for the crop.  We could manipulate the flow the magnetic fields. It was measureable not antidoctal. If you have a gauss meter that can meausure in Tesla units you will see that by and large the earth at my lattitude has a .5g mag field. Where the Hartmann lines are the field is usually 2-2.5g . 400-500% increase in magnetic field strength.  It is on these lines, that honey bees and all forms of Hymenoptera see and choose to build their nests.
Using the Dowsing rods, or whatever elese works for you these lines are easily found.
Would it not make sense to place our colonies on these lines? Yes is what I thought as well.
Yet beyond the obvious of the grid and ley lines, there are a host of beneficial energies one encounters. Domes, fountains, phone booths, gateways, portsls, and vortices. The Chartes Cathedral is a masterful rendition of applied geomancy. Virtually every church in england and Irelabd is built on line. Trmplrs worldwide for fertility are built on the corresponding earth energiesvthst support fertility.
    A few years ago I came across an Irish man who was professing he had the cure, the silver bullet for our bees, and while I could not agree with him more about the bees and the enegery lines, the poor chap learned the hard way about what people would tolerate. I think it was Buckminster Fuller, who I had met in my early 20's in New Mexico, had a favorite saying....... you cannot cannot fight for change of an existing system, you have to build another one that makes the previous system obsolete. Yes Bucky RIP and easier said than done. So any half way decent dowser can finds these earth lines, i venture to say anyone with a minimum of instruction should be able to find these with regularity. In fact the most curious thing to me after looking at 100's of apiarys is just how intuitive most bee people are.  Same thing with the electric poles insane how many are on the grid lines lol(i think theres a reason for that).
The Germans are doing some first rate work on neutralizing the affects of earth energy in building structures and the human body. They are documenting the link between these energy lines and cancer. These are first rate universities doing the studies, not some antedoctal group of would be scientists.
The Russians,  are also intensive and advanced in their dowsing work. The Egytians have a whole school of thought based on 3d dowsing. The chinese with their feng shui are keenly aware of magnetic flows and magnetic fields of movement they call the dragon.
Look anywhere, you will see dowsing in action. I will discuss more of these projects in detail at another time but for now my focus for this entry is to create a discussion of how we can affect our bees using dowsing.
The bees are an electromagnetic and odour sensing machine. Look closely at the electron microscope work on their anatomy, and the the exoskeleton is a series of antenaes, receiving and transmitting. Anything that impinges on this ability represents a sure desth for the bee and the hive. This is why I go nuts when Mosatan sychophants claim there is no real damage done to the bees by their pesticides which act directly on the nervous system.
So what can we do to enhance our colonies using dowsing and with a minimal understanding of earth's invisible anatomy. The first thing we can do is place our hives on magnetic lines to mimic their natural selection. If we think of an increase in the magnetic field energy as a food source, or better as an energy field that allows for greater exchange of ions ( all food is atomic). Is it the varroa cure all, no. Yet if it weakens the varroa's ability to reproduce and digest hemolymph we are making progress.
 In dowsing when we balance a home to its inhabitants we are looking at the detrimental lines of energy, as well as the helpful energies, and working with those in the necessary ways, enhancement or mitigation. What I have seen is a hive on a grid line is less likely to die during the winter, than the ones off the lines. Its not written in stone, yet  after 8 yrs of doing this I'd say we have established a monentum. I've lost up to 3 hives a winter on the grid lines. I keep a control group of non grid placed hives and they tend to be at 35% vs <10%. I try to run near 100 hives give or take 20 and nucs per winter over the last 5 years and while I make no proclamations publicly about it, I do believe it helps A LOT.
Dowsing is not just about grid lines. It can be a tool that enables one to focus the hidden power of the mind to affect an outcome. I did not feel comfortable applying the system to the bees until I had a pretty good handle on management techniques. I tend to think it is imperative you know the territory you are dowsing in before relying or requesting that assistance. I think the information mostly comes from a good place (your higher spirit, and the holy spirit that lives in everything), but it can easily become confusing if your orbit is in the unknown. What I mean by this is, you need to know the territory your working in as well as you can, or else the results will be dumb luck.  I think dowsing is a way for us to meet the challenges as stewards of this world, and a gift from our creator. Many are called few are chosen.
Where dowsing has helped me in my bee adventure is in time management. Besides all the visual ques you get when you drive up to a yard, dowsing can help me figure out a problem before I even open the lid. My most favorite thing to do is to find the strength of a hive as I walk down to row. I measure the auric field of the hive, with most hives being near 30 ft. When I find one thats less than that I know I have a problem in that hive. Another way is to use my pendulum and establish the bovis scale readings of the hive. Other things I dowse for are queen rite, diseases, food, and toxins.


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